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请假可以翻译成'ask for leave’或ask the ……(the day,the week,etc)off,例如:ask(want) the day off 请一天假 例句: So you want the day off? Let‘s take a look at what you are asking for the campany 你想请一天假?看看你在向公司要求什么?

1. I would like to ask for a leave. 2. I would like to ask for a leave of 5 days.

ask for time off ask for leave have a day off 复数:have days off(常用)

time off work  take a leave of absence taking the day off. ask for leave 这些都是,望采纳

I ask for leave today

我想请假” I want to ask for leave" 我想请假” I want to ask for leave" 我想请假” I want to ask for leave"

请假的英语是ask for leave,详细信息入下: ask for leave 英 [ɑ:sk fɔ: li:v] 美 [æsk fɔr liv] 请假 例句: He went to the monitor to ask for leave. 他到班长那儿请了个假。 You should ask for leave if you have somethi...

请假 ask for leave beg off

1.leave2.ask for leave3.vacate4.beg off

1.leave application 2.request for absence 3.absence request form:(严格来说应该是这个,请假条/请假单) 4.application for leave 5.seek leave (病假) 其实说法很多啦,好多都可以表示请假的意思。不过apply是指申请,所以用applicatio...


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